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To be or not to be…or something like that

Lately I’ve been on a hiatus from writing…no blog, no book. Nada. But that’s all about to change. I’m about to get into it, as soon as Labor Day passes– so probably Monday night, Tuesday at the latest. I’ve been working a lot. And I will be for a few more weeks, but this week I’m going to write even it it kills me.

I’ve been looking into changing some of my plot–not a big deal in book one, but it will be come books two and definitely by book three. And here it is, the reason for the title–should Gavin and Becca be merely “siblings” or something more. I know–it could be good either way, but whats the best way? I’m just not sure yet–and of course it changes a big chunk of the story for books 2 and 3–Gavin and Anya, and Gabe and Becca? Or…just Gavin and Becca?

Right now I’m leaning towards a combination of the two. Maybe at first they aren’t sure of what their pull to each other means…but later, they realize they are more brother/sister than lovers. That leaves room for Anya to get involved and subsequently whacked off, and for Gabe to get over his issues with humans by falling for one.

Anyways, that’s where my heads at now….not exactly a vital part at the moment, but enough to make me pause and think…



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