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Time Out! —- Okay, time in.

Today I got back from a mini vaction with Josh. We had a wonderful time and, of course, we did some talking about my book. Thanks to his gift of perception, I’m going to be doing an update before going on. Because my Dark Goddess wasn’t quite right, I’ll be starting off my next adjenda with a a revision of chapter six. Simple enough, right? We’ll see.

So, here’s the plan for this week:

  • Monday:
    Additions to chapter six
    Work on chapter seven
  • Tuesday:
    Finish chapter seven, once and for all
  • Wednesday:
    Chapter eight
  • Thursday:
    Chapter nine

Basically everyday, I write a chapter—if I have time to start on the next one, even better. My plan is (once again) to be done with the festival (and hopefully into the recovery) by the start of “golf course” work on Friday.


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