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Come one, come all

Ladies and gents, boys and girls! Gather ‘round and listen to the most exciting news you’ve heard all year—

CritiqueThisWIP is looking for writers –that’s right, people like you— to take part in our Author Interview Series. All writers are welcome, published and unpublished alike. So if you want to get your name out there, run on over to CTW and send us an email!


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Hello everyone! I know, long time, no blog—but I’m back, and with THREE important announcements that could make you a happy, happy reader!

First off: Today on CritiqueThisWIP I have the honor (or dumb luck) of interviewing KRISTIE COOK! That’s right, guys! I got to take a sit down with Kristie and learn all the nitty-gritty details. Swing by and check her out!

Second: Speaking of interviews—yours truly got to switch seats with none other that Kristen Yard for an interview of my own! Yep, you read that right—I was interviewed by Kristen Yard (you know, the chick I interviewed last week on CritiqueThisWIP). Apparently, Kristen wanted pay back because her questions were WAY worse that mine were…then again, I’m pretty biased. So swing by Kristen’s blog at Take It As It Comes and read my interview. You may learn more than you ever wanted to know about me. *Don’t judge*

Last, but not least: Now I’ve saved the best for last (not that mine and Kristie’s interviews aren’t little golden tickets, but this is a real gem!). My critique group, CritiqueThis has three openings available and waiting for romance writers to fill them. We’re holding a contest on our group blog where you can apply for membership. All romance writers are welcome to participate! Drop by the Contest Page for more details.

Okay, that’s it—I promise! What are you waiting for? You have links to click on!

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Critique_This Presents Flirt Fest

Pale_by_Ophelias_Overdose I love blogfests! I really, really do. What better way to test your skills than to write a scene specifically for a fest? They’re awesome, they’re fun, they’re BLOGFEST, baby!

My critique group feels the exact same way, so we’ve decided to host the Flirt Fest Blogfest on May 16th. Run on over to CritiqueThisWIP and sign your blog address to the sign up list.

Get your blogfest on and write a fun, flirty scene and post the scene to your blog on May 16th. See you there!

* Photo by Ophelias_Overdose   

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Point of View @ Critique_This


I’m blogging today over at Critique_This_WIP about Point of View. Come check out my feelings about writing a first person POV murder scene.

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What— How could you have missed this?!

Ahoy there! Just ignore my absence—it’s nothing personal. I have a lot going on right now, sue me.

So, if you missed the memo (I know…what memo?!) my critique group has started a new blog where we talk about the how to’s, the dos & don’ts, and the ups & downs of writing. If you’ve missed out, shame on you! We’ve have some terrific posts—and, because we are all about our readers, on Fridays, we have a special treat for ya’ll called Friday Fiction.

Friday Fiction is (AWESOME) a serialized story we do on duh Fridays. Each week one of our group members writes a scene, and the next week, someone else adds to it. Because it was Margaret’s idea, she got to cut the ribbon, fire the gun, kick the donkey and write the very first scene of our Friday Fiction story. If you haven’t read it—well, I’m sorry. It’s fantastic (because Margaret is just cool like that) and you’re totally missing out on some awesomeness. All I’m sayin’ is, you may not be cool if you don’t read it… Just saying. So head on over to CritiqueThisWIP and follow*follow*follow check out the scene from today’s, first ever, Friday Fiction.

Hold up! I’m not done.  Like blogfests?! You’ll love these!

Anne Riley is hosting the first ever (at least to our knowledge) Murder Scene Blogfest on April 10th! Head on over to her blog and sign up using the Linky box on the right column of her blog. Again. I’m not sure if you like to be part of the in-crowd, but if you don’t want to be a complete outcast, sign your butt on up!!  😉

Hey there, I know you’re all excited to sign up for blogfest and to read the awesomeness that is Friday Fiction, but hold up!

Tara Fouts is hosting the Bar Scene Blogfest on April 11th! Seriously—a Bar Scene Blogfest…a Barfest, perhaps? I foresee many a drunken bar brawls coming up. And come on, who doesn’t like sitting back and watching a bunch of drunken fools fight for their manhood while smashing their way through stools, tables (WATCH THE BEER!), pool tables… Well, at least I do. So, what are you waiting for?! Run (or click, whichever you prefer) on over to Tara’s blog and sign yourself up for a kickass (literally) blogfest!

Remember, April 10th (Murder), April 11th(Bar Brawl). Can you imagine all of the blood, sweat, and tears that will be going down on this bloody weekend?! I can!

Now, dear readers, you may link-surf to your hearts content. Have a good weekend, lovelies!

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Check it Out!

vancouver-fireworks My critique group, Critique This, has just started a new blog and guess what?! Today is our very first day of blogging!


I’m the one who gets to start it off with a bang! So run on over to our new group blog and check out my post about the pros & cons of pen names!

See you there!

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Critique This presents “The Love at First Sight Blogfest”

I’m a sucker for a good romance.When I hit the local bookstore, I make a B-line for the romance section. And no matter how many crazy love stories I read, I need more. (More, I tell ya, more!) Some people may say that I’ve reached my romantic quota while others might just make me look like a novice romance reader. Hey, a girl can hope… So when the Kissing Day Blogfest came around, and I missed it, that was okay, because I had 80-some blog posts to read, all of which contained incredible romantic scenes, minus all the build-up of a four-hundred page novel. Perfect.

But I wanted more! And I wanted to toss in my two cents–err, scene. So when the No Kiss Blogfest popped onto my radar, I was thrilled, no–beyond thrilled, jubilant. This time, I had caught the train in time to jump on board. Except I totally missed the boarding call and missed the train to romance-ville. Well, damn-it, son-of a-birth-mother, and any other expletive you find appropriate for this little whoopsie.

Okay, so I’m oh for two. No biggie. I can just view everyone else’s vacation photos–completely green-eyed-monster free, I might add. And they were great posts…but of course they were great, they were romance! Still, I’m growing more disappointed that I keep missing the complete “awesomeness” that is blogfest.

Lucky for me, I am apart of a terrific critique group–Critique This–a group who also loves blogfests. In fact, the founder of the Kissing Day Blogfest…in my group! That’s right, Sherrinda over at Writer Wannabe, AKA creator of the Kissing Day Blogfest, AKA amazing writer of amazing romance—my friend! (*point, point*
I know that girl!)

So, like I was saying, my critique group and I were chatting about blogfest and how much fun it was (at least for those who remembered to post their scenes…) and how great it was to read everyone’s contributions. In the end, we decided to host the Love at First Sight Blogfest!

That’s right, the Love at First Sight Blogfest will be made up of those steamy, sometimes awkward, first-meetings, the ones where your two characters meet for the first time. Or, if your characters didn’t have a love-at-first-sight kind of relationship (because mine sure didn’t!), the scene where they realized, “wow, I think I love this person”.

So get ready, writers! Post your scenes on Valentines Day for all to see! Or, if you’re one of those people who just likes to read over the hot and steamy contributions, we’ll see you February 14th for one hell of a blogfest!

If you’d like to participate in the Valentines Day Love at First Sight Blogfest, sign up below. Spread the word; let’s make this the best blogfest yet! Who’s in?!

Sign up here.

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Superior Scribbler Award

Can you believe it? The incredibly talented Anne Riley thinks I’m a Superior Scribbler! I’m so excited–and honored–to receive my second blog award. And look how cute the badge is, by the way.
The rules for this award are very simple; all I have to do pass it on. It should be easy–except for the part where I have to narrow down my list of favorite blogs, but, I’ll give it a go.

 I also joined a small Critique Group, which we named Critique_This.  Right now, we have 5 members.  We’ll have to see how it goes, but so far, I love it. My group is so supportive and laid back (just like I like). Well, I’ll blog more Sunday, but as for today, I’m exhausted. I just really wanted to post the Award that Anne gave me like, oh…about FOREVER ago! Sorry it took so long getting it up.

My MS has be suffering because of the  family drama that will not seem to take the hint and die!
Actually, it isn’t that my MS is suffering; the MS has just been neglected. But my MCs…well they are definitely suffering–which my Critique Partner seems to think is barbaric (though she won’t come out and say it to my face).

You see, she’s quite peeved-off that she’s been stuck at a cliff hanger for about a week…which means Kate and Caleb are also stuck at a cliff hanger, right at the edge of danger—the same edge of danger that they’ve been stuck at since this family drama, that-is-my-18-year-old-brother’s-fault, started, well over two weeks ago.

Still, I’m a mean, mean writer/mommy to my characters and they don’t deserve that.

Happy writing everyone!

**The Blog Award was awarded to my blogger blog @ Work in Progress.

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