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I’m a PRO!

No, not a PROfessional. I’m a PROlific blogger. See?! I even have the award to prove it! Ain’t she grand?

I’m a PRO!

Okay, so maybe she’s a bit old… maybe a wee bit dusty, but I didn’t forget about her. I promise, my dear blog award–I was just biding my time, waiting for the best possible moment to unveil you to the public… I swear… *cough*

I’d like to send a gigantic THANK YOU to Kristie Cook for passing this cutie on to me =D Thanks Kristie!

By the way, if you don’t already know Kristie, check her out– her new book, Promise, is available in stores now and is phenomenal! This book (the first in the Soul Savers series) has gotten rave reviews–and let me tell you, critics are tough. Seriously, the chick is enviable. I’d hate her, you know, if I didn’t already love her 😉

Now I’ll be passing this little diddy on to one of my favorite bloggers/people in the entire world. Who might that be? Well, none other than my CP/soul-mate, Ashley Tenille!If you don’t know Ashley–shame on you! She’s only the coolest Canuck ever…quite possibly the coolest person ever (though I like to think we tie for the latter).

So Ashley– do her proud! Dust off that lent and post her to your blog– then start writing!


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