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This is how I write…this is how I write

I’ve been a bad blogger–and writer–lately. I admit it, I’ve been a real disappointment. But I”m trying to turn all that around by getting back into the groove of things.

First, I’ve been working on Nightlings, moving some chapters around and getting it all beautiful for my new critique group members at CritiqueThisWIP.

Secondly, I’ve been trying to get some good blog posts going. Okay, so I haven’t been so successful at that second part, but, like I said, I’m trying. I blog over at CritiqueThisWIP once a week (which, for a while, was more than enough). But this week, I’m branching out even further and wrote guest blog post for Kayleigh’s Kaleidoscope! What’s it about, you ask? How I Write (do you see the irony?). What have I realized? That I really love blogging–not to mention writing–so I’m going to make it a point to get my butt back in “the zone”.

It hasn’t all been easy. I’ve been feeling down about my writing for a few months now. Nothing comes out right, my grammar skills are annoying me to no end, and my “voice” has been hiding out in a very dark, very quiet place. How are you supposed to write when the cursor just sits there, blinking that irritating I on an otherwise blank screen?! Don’t tell me just do it, because I’ve been tryin’ and it just ain’t workin’. But that will all be coming to an end. No more putting it off. You may be reading a bunch of crap, but at least I’ll be posting again, right?

Don’t forget to swing by Kayleigh’s Kaleidoscope to see just how crazy a writer I am!


July 20, 2010 - Posted by | "Bitten" Series, blogs, Guest Blog, UGGGHHH!, Writing


  1. Been there with the cursor, after awhile it felt like it was tapping out the national anthem (k I was really tired so maybe it was my imagination)
    Just signed my first book deal and the best advice I ever got for writing was picture the main character talking, not standing anywhere in particular, just talking and soon your ‘voice’ is one with the character and the scene with take off. hope that helps it really pushed me out of the dark place.

    Comment by kerry622 | July 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. Some scenes, no matter how good, can start to feel dull when you’re writing them. Maybe we’re tired, maybe we’re just ready to get to the next part 😉

    I find that listening to the MC is the best cure for “the slumps”. They may take you to a place you’ve never thought of before which is always a good thing. Thanks for helping to cheer me up. As a matter of fact, I may go have a chat with my character right now..

    Congrats on the book deal! What genre do you write?

    Comment by Courtney Reese | July 20, 2010 | Reply

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