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Critique This presents “The Love at First Sight Blogfest”

I’m a sucker for a good romance.When I hit the local bookstore, I make a B-line for the romance section. And no matter how many crazy love stories I read, I need more. (More, I tell ya, more!) Some people may say that I’ve reached my romantic quota while others might just make me look like a novice romance reader. Hey, a girl can hope… So when the Kissing Day Blogfest came around, and I missed it, that was okay, because I had 80-some blog posts to read, all of which contained incredible romantic scenes, minus all the build-up of a four-hundred page novel. Perfect.

But I wanted more! And I wanted to toss in my two cents–err, scene. So when the No Kiss Blogfest popped onto my radar, I was thrilled, no–beyond thrilled, jubilant. This time, I had caught the train in time to jump on board. Except I totally missed the boarding call and missed the train to romance-ville. Well, damn-it, son-of a-birth-mother, and any other expletive you find appropriate for this little whoopsie.

Okay, so I’m oh for two. No biggie. I can just view everyone else’s vacation photos–completely green-eyed-monster free, I might add. And they were great posts…but of course they were great, they were romance! Still, I’m growing more disappointed that I keep missing the complete “awesomeness” that is blogfest.

Lucky for me, I am apart of a terrific critique group–Critique This–a group who also loves blogfests. In fact, the founder of the Kissing Day Blogfest…in my group! That’s right, Sherrinda over at Writer Wannabe, AKA creator of the Kissing Day Blogfest, AKA amazing writer of amazing romance—my friend! (*point, point*
I know that girl!)

So, like I was saying, my critique group and I were chatting about blogfest and how much fun it was (at least for those who remembered to post their scenes…) and how great it was to read everyone’s contributions. In the end, we decided to host the Love at First Sight Blogfest!

That’s right, the Love at First Sight Blogfest will be made up of those steamy, sometimes awkward, first-meetings, the ones where your two characters meet for the first time. Or, if your characters didn’t have a love-at-first-sight kind of relationship (because mine sure didn’t!), the scene where they realized, “wow, I think I love this person”.

So get ready, writers! Post your scenes on Valentines Day for all to see! Or, if you’re one of those people who just likes to read over the hot and steamy contributions, we’ll see you February 14th for one hell of a blogfest!

If you’d like to participate in the Valentines Day Love at First Sight Blogfest, sign up below. Spread the word; let’s make this the best blogfest yet! Who’s in?!

Sign up here.


January 4, 2010 - Posted by | Blogfest, Critique_This

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